BIRTHDAY candle: name and fragrance of your choice (+/- 80h)

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A personalized candle for a birthday!

Natural vegetable wax, cotton wick
Handmade with passion and ❤

Possibility of making a unique wedding candle, made to measure and on request, from 100 candles ordered.

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  • 250 char. max
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List of available fragrances:

FIGS PICKING - Fresh and Summer

Come and pick the figs on the tree: gourmet notes of tender amber green fruit.

SPIRIT OF THE SUMMITS - Invigorating and Fresh

Edelweiss: Pine and Lemongrass, with a slight hint of Grass and Moss, for a fresh and woody finish.

COTTON FLOWER - Fresh and Intoxicating

Soft and powdery. Rose, Ylang-Ylang and Jasmine let the subtlety of the Cotton Flower express itself.

FIR FOREST - Aromatic and Woody

An exceptional accord of Pine, Apple, Fir, Moss and Sandalwood for a feeling of well-being.

GÉNÉPI DE PAPOU - Aromatic & Fresh

Fresh, typical and unique, Génépi draws on a slight hint of Rosemary and a fresh minty finish.

PETIT MATIN JASMINE - Sensual and Delicate

Sensual and carnal, the jasmine flower releases heady and intoxicating aromas of white flowers.

NANIE VIOLETTE - Very fresh and floral

Childhood ? The candies ? A sweet and powdery scent with a hint of citrus.

SAKURA - The Cherry Blossom

A tenderly fruity and floral flower. Alliance of Rose, Peach and Jasmine, ending with a scent of Musk, Vanilla and Coconut.

L'AMBRE - Sweet and woody

A bouquet of enigmatic flowers subtly refreshed by Vanilla for a smooth finish.

SANDALWOOD - Zen and Relaxing

Woody and warm notes for an accord pulling on Cedar and Hawthorn ending on a note of Musk and Tonka.

PACIFIC MONOÏ - Summer and Escape

Floral and intoxicating. Alliance of Coconut, Peach, Vanilla, Orange Blossom, Tiare and Rose for an exotic finish.

ESCAPE DREAM - Sweet and Subtle

Floral and sweet alliance of Ylang-Ylang, Bergamot and Orange. On a heart of Tiare, Lily of the valley, Orchid, continuing on Tonka

TROPICAL SUN - Exotic Anti-Odor

Very floral and fruity notes. An alliance of Orange, Vanilla and Tropical Fruits, powerful and fresh. Reduces odors (cooking, tobacco, etc.).


Data sheet

Gage confiance
Cirerie Locale - Atelier de bougies végétales et création de parfums d'ambiance sans alcool, face à la Sainte Victoire, dans un village provançal.
Fait main – Chaque bougie est contrôlée individuellement.
Chaque bougie est conditionnée dans un contenant en verre 100% recyclable.
Couper la mèche à 5 mm avant chaque rallumage. Toujours brûler la bougie sur une surface plane et résistante au feu. Tenir hors de portée des enfants. Bien ventiler après utilisation

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